Steve Spooner works as a Speaker, Writer, Shaman, Healer, Coach, Artist, Reiki Master, Woodworker,  who teaches Work/Playshops on Love, Personal Empowerment & Freedom, Shamanism, Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Heart based Living and Meditation.

He facilitates Indigenous style Ceremony and walks with the teachings of The Course in Miracles as well as a refreshing sense of humour.

He facilitates increased connections, on all levels for people. Some call him a Stargate, a Portal, a channel.

He lives to enjoy creating retreats, ceremonies and experiences that enable, encourage and support people finding and living the highest expression of themselves.

Often called the Healers Healer, the Private Session work is profound and exhillerating. The workshops and retreats are Festivals of Love.

Deposits in the Bank of Joy.

May all beings LIVE Peace and Ecstasy in this lifetime